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Namastay Doga

What to Bring to Class

Leash (non-retractable), mat, treats, your dog's vaccination records & vet info.

Private Doga Sessions Available for Sensitive or Socially Awkward Pups

Patiently allow them to enjoy their time on the mat and find joy on observing their practice.

Like yoga, doga balances the body, heart and mind. It teaches us to live in the present moment like our beloved dogs do. Practicing doga is a mindful way to grow closer to your pup by combining meditation, massage and yoga poses.

"I had never even tried yoga before Namastay Doga with Maraliz. No one could be more encouraging and validating then she is as an instructor. Her class on Sunday was simply amazing in the middle of downtown Dallas. I love the park setting and couldn't believe the improvement in my hips and back from a just a few classes. I have a goddess figure and Maraliz totally encouraged me when I had balance issues. My dog Pippa has been even more deeply affected. She is serene in class and loves the doggy validation, as do I because my dogs add a great deal of love and joy in my life. When Pippa gets home she has a special peace that helps put her disgruntled doggy nature aside. I'm serious!! Yoga and Doga with Mara is a real treat full of encouragement and peace for you and your perro! Try it - you won't be disappointed!"



Doga is Not Human or Canine Medical Care or Dog Training

**Please seek medical advice from your doctor or veterinarian for any health problems and seek consultation from a professional dog trainer regarding any canine behavioral problems.**

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