Yoga With Dogs And Beer?

Enjoy this excerpt from Kimber Westphall's article in the Dallas Morning News featuring Namastay Doga.


Sun salutations may adhere to the same general form in every single yoga class. But the sprinkles and flourishes that make each class unique are ever-evolving.

Yoga with your pet? You can do that. Yoga and beer? There’s a pairing I would not have conjured up.

Here are some of the most unusual yoga classes offered in the Dallas area:


This class takes downward dog to a whole new level. Maraliz Campos has an affinity for yoga and canines. She teaches human-dog partner classes each Sunday at 10 a.m. at Craddock Park (Lemmon and Dallas North Tollway) and at other locations around the area.

I’ve never had a dog as a pet and didn’t know how I was going to contort my body with a four-legged friend involved. But Campos is not only a dog whisperer, she is a mastermind with yoga. During class, she let me borrow one of her five rescue dogs: Misti, a sweet, one-eyed Chihuahua. Together we did traditional yoga poses such as warrior and bridge.

I mostly executed poses while I held Misti; I spent some of the time massaging her. It made me happy to see that she seemed to be enjoying it. Campos kept telling me that she was smiling. I couldn’t distinguish a smile, but then again I’m not well-versed on the subject of canine grins.

It was an endorphin-filled class that kept the dogs’ tails wagging and smiles on the humans’ faces the entire time.

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Maraliz Campos