Improve Health. Find Relief.

The versatility of yoga provides practices for people of every mobility range. I approach my teaching with three important cornerstones in mind.

Build a sustainable practice that addresses your specific needs.



1. Mentally connect to each posture by transitioning mindfully through the breath

2. Each pose has an entrance, sustained pause, and complete exit

3. Find and observe your edge, back away from it a bit, and patiently respect your body as your edge expands










"I absolutely love the interactive yoga that Maraliz provides! It is very relaxing yet challenging in all of the right ways! She makes sure your poses are correct and comfortable for your body. I am loving the way my body feels when I leave every class!"

— M.C.


"Maraliz is an amazing, versatile yoga teacher. From soothing Restorative, to more challenging Hatha, to Doga classes to strengthen the bond between you and your pup, she can do it all! She has helped me progress in my practice and deal with chronic pain issues through yoga, and my dog loves coming to Doga classes with me as well. Basically, Maraliz is the absolute best!"

— A.M.


"Maraliz is great with dogs and wonderful with people, too. She's an amazing teacher -- I credit her with helping to me be stronger & more flexible, physically and emotionally. Yoga works magic when you have the right teacher."

— H.M.




Schedule Privates or Group Sessions in Your Home

I work to target nagging health concerns, specifically chronic pain. With a combination of breath work, physical movement, and sustained poses, we can construct a plan to improve your quality of life.

*I am not a doctor and do not claim to cure any illnesses with either yoga or meditation. If you have emergency concerns, please call your doctor immediately. If you have specific illnesses, please consult your physician as to whether or not you should participate in yoga.